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7 Life Lessons Learned From Playing Basketball

The game of basketball is about more than just dribbling a ball and shooting it into a hoop. Some people may see it as just physical activity to keep youth athletes healthy and active, but many life lessons are taught to kids through playing basketball or sports in general. Life lessons gained from participating in an athletic program will stay with athletes for the rest of their lives. That is why here at ZOR we aim to teach youth athletes important life lessons, while developing their basketball skills. Here are 7 life lessons that kids learn from playing basketball:

How to be a Leader

Kids who play basketball are often given leadership roles and have many opportunities to work on their leadership skills. Whether it’s being the captain of the team, leading a drill or being the first to volunteer for a demonstration, basketball gives athletes the opportunity to take charge and develop their leadership qualities. When given these leadership opportunities, players become more confident in leading others to achieve a common goal and this quality can apply to their everyday life.

The Value of Teamwork

Since basketball is a team sport, players must learn to communicate and interact with each other. In order for a team to be successful they have to work together. Basketball is a sport often taught in an encouraging and positive environment. Kids who play basketball learn to work as a team in order to reach a common goal. Players are also taught unselfishness and how to develop relationships with others. There is a saying that goes “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. The value of teamwork is heavily taught through the sport of basketball, as many great things can be accomplished through teamwork on and away from the court.

Hard Work and Discipline

The best players are usually the ones who work the hardest to improve their game and get better everyday. This concept can translate to all aspects of life, as you typically get in return what you put in. Basketball allows athletes to leave their comfort zones and understand the value of hard work. The sport constantly teaches players how to stay determined when things get difficult. Kids learn to accomplish goals and overcome setbacks and challenges when they are faced with adversity. Coaches are always preaching that practice makes perfect and that mentality also translates to the world outside of basketball.

How to Set and Achieve Goals

Any type of success can be measured and directed by goal setting. Setting a goal whether short or long term provides motivation and builds good habits that can help shape your future. In basketball, goal setting is used as motivation for players to reach certain goals. For example if a player wanted to become a more efficient shooter from the 3-point line, they would probably set a goal of making 200 shots everyday during the offseason. Basketball is a sport where kids are constantly learning and developing a growth mindset. From the beginning they are taught commitment, patience and persistence.

Emotional and Mental Strength

The sport of basketball comes with wins and losses, players learn to be proud of their success and learn to come back stronger from their failures. In life too there will be highs and lows, basketball teaches kids to give everything they’ve got so that regardless of the outcome they can hold their heads up high knowing that they did their best. The sport can also be physically and mentally exhausting. Players learn to persevere through fatigue and difficult situations. Basketball is also a great activity to let kids learn emotional stability and mental toughness.

Character building skills

Character building traits such as respect, accountability, integrity, focus and a positive attitude are all taught through playing basketball. Players learn to be accountable and give 100% effort and energy even when nobody’s watching. Players learn sportsmanship through simply participating in the sport, they can quickly pick up on the difference between playing hard and playing unfair. Basketball teaches athletes to build on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Kids will also learn how to assess situations they are faced with.

Have Fun

Lastly, the game of basketball is fun to play and kids can learn many life lessons by participating in the sport. The sport is easy to learn and it is one of the most affordable sports out there. Having fun helps balance our daily lives. It’s important to incorporate fun into our daily lives because it improves the quality of our relationships and mood.

All of these life lessons can be used by kids throughout their daily lives, so why not implement these lessons at a young age through a fun activity like basketball. At the same time it keeps them physically active, healthy and allows them to interact with others. These were just a few life lessons that kids can learn from playing basketball, there are many other life lessons that are taught through the sport. These life lessons can all be applied on and off the court, as they all translate into the world outside of basketball.

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