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How to balance basketball and school?

how to balance basketball and school

As a student athlete, balancing school, basketball and other extra-curricular activities can be very difficult at times. Players often prioritize sports over school, which can lead to poor academic results. Finding the perfect balance between school, sports and other activities is the key to success. Here are 8 tips that will help student athletes balance school and basketball.

Manage Your Time

A lot of student athletes get burnt out when they have such a demanding schedule of school, sports and other activities. Planning out your time can help keep you organized, on time and relieve unnecessary stress and anxiety. Create and plan out a schedule or calendar that includes school project due dates, tests, practice times, game days and other important task or events.

Don’t Procrastinate

Leaving school task until the last minute can lead to you falling behind, poor academic grades, unnecessary stress, lack of sleep and focus, which will ultimately affect your performance on and off the court. Complete assignments as soon as they are given, take advantage of study halls/free periods, and school resources to get work done.

Keep a Positive Mental Attitude

Expectations from school, sports and even parents can be overwhelming for young athletes. Taking time to clear your mind and have a mental break from everything can relieve stress and tension built up.

Set aside time for yourself to relax, do a hobby, meditate or even read a book. Having a positive mindset will help increase your confidence, work ethic and other important abilities on and off the court.

Remove Distractions

For some students, studying at home can be difficult to focus because of the distractions around them such as cell phones, electronic devices or even a noisy environment. Remove distractions while studying by using headphones to tune out distracting noises, turning off phone alerts or even by working in a different space, where electronic devices such as tv’s and video games are not easily accessible. Learn to have self-discipline and say no to things you believe will distract you from focusing.

Use Travel Time to Study

Use the time when commuting to school or practices to study, catch up on readings or review notes. Stay ahead of school task instead of having to catch up, by using travel time to do something productive.

Sleep and Diet

As a student athlete your sleep and diet are important factors that affect your performance on the court and in the classroom. For some students balancing basketball and school is like a full-time job, staying up until 1am and getting up for early morning classes can have its negative effects on your performance on and off the court. Lack of sleep can lead to a decrease in your energy, decision making, lack of awareness and much more. A healthy diet and sleep schedule can also lead to physical and mental improvements.

Set Goals

Whether it be to complete a book reading for school ahead of time or to increase your shooting percentage, setting goals will help keep you determined and on your game. Setting short term daily goals can help you complete tasks and stay organized.

Goal setting is important to reach both long and short term aspirations. Surround yourself with like-minded people who are positive and who are also striving to achieve their goals.

Ask for Help

If your struggling to do something, ask your parents, teachers, coaches or even teammates for help and advice. They are there to support you if you ever feel overwhelmed. Communicate with your teachers and coaches, let them know your schedule and what’s going on in your life.

Once again, by applying these tips to your daily routines, it will help and allow you to successfully balance school and basketball. As a sport that relies on your performance, it is important to have a positive and healthy balance of academics and athletics in order to maximize your potential.

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